Nigel Walker, a.k.a. Jean Batiste, is an artist that revives the notion of rhythm and poetry as he combines his extraordinary poetic talent with some of the most innovative young producers that has turned him into a cross-over hip hop artist that is gaining the respect of many. Dating back to his middle school years, Jean Batiste began putting together metaphors and imagery, becoming an established poet at an early age. Being one who comes from the housing projects of Alabama in a single-parent family of eight, his content is deeply rooted in the struggles of life and identity; giving him a cultural experience that has connected him and introduced him to the themes that are so commonly found in the hip hop and rap community. Jean Batiste is the answer to what hip hop needs to make sure that it continues to thrive as a major attribute to the lives and culture to all.

Jean Batiste is the author of “Secret Diaries of Jean Batiste” and “Rose Petals for Josephine”. He is an exciting performer and has opened up for hip-hop stars such as C-Lo and Stess the Emcee. Jean Batiste is originally from Eufaula, AL, but now resides in LaGrange, GA. He graduated from LaGrange College with a B.S. and a Masters in Education.