Cedric Mixon founded Kobalt Books in 2003, as an outlet for inspirational stories. Mixon is the executive producer of the feature film, “Under the Cherry Tree”, which he wrote, produced and directed. Mixon brokered the national distribution deal for all of Kobalt Books’ titles which extends from United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. “Under the Cherry Tree” was released nationwide and landed in many Walmart stores, Blockbusters and over 16k Redbox kiosks. He is the author of "Under the Cherry Tree", "Lost Letters", "Boldly Walking Naked", and "Soul Mates". Poetry from "Lost Letters" has been featured in Essence Magazine. Mixon published an anthology book of poetry called, "The Univer-Soul Language vol. I", which was awarded Mahogany's Spoken-Word Book of the Year, for 2005, and "The Outspoken Word". Cedric Mixon's responsible for publishing and implementing a phenomenal grassroots marketing plan for “The Hoodlum Preacher” (novel), which produced nearly twenty million impressions with a budget of less than ten thousand dollars by going directly to urban/gospel radio and many supporting churches. Cedric Mixon graduated from Tennessee State University with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, then later an MBA in Marketing. Mixon also completed Screenwriting, Creative Writing, and Video Production courses from University of the Arts – Philadelphia. All of Kobalt Books titles stay true to the vision that Mixon had when it all began: Stories that cry out to our souls and at the same time makes us laugh and cry.